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Fall tips to improve indoor air quality and maintain peace of mind.

The fall season is in Chinese medicine is under the auspice of a Metal element—our Lungs as an organ, the quality of our breathing, depths of our breath. The time we spend alone in solitude and contemplation is all practical enhancement of the Metal element in our lives.

As we move more indoor, the dryness of the air might be particularly of interest to you. 

 I include two articles: 

1/ Why do you want to know about indoor air quality in a time of Covid.

2/ Tips to improve it.

Both of them are from my nerdy friends= scientists.

If you are longing for some quiet time, here is a link to guided meditation; hope you enjoy it. 

 The audio is from my meditation teacher. His youtube channel is free. 

I miss you all very much, and I know we will go through this.

If you want to schedule an acupuncture appointment, please call or text me at 503-928-9916

As always, take care of yourself. 



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