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Benefits of a seasonal treatment in traditional acupuncture.

 One of the beauties of traditional acupuncture is a focus on seasonal treatments. Each season one element is in a peek. In the late Summer, the element of Earth is prominent. The pathways and organs associated with Earth element are Spleen and Stomach.  One way to keep ourselves well balanced is to attend a seasonal treatment to keep ourselves healthy.  I found beautiful writing from one of my teachers which I would like to share. Something to reflect on. 

Suggestions for living in harmony with the late summer season

Enjoy the abundance of fruits and fresh vegetables

Be aware of their special qualities, each succulence different from the next. Carrots are crisp, cucumbers cool, tomatoes luscious, peaches sweet. Look at the seeds, and reflect on the fact that within each harvest lie the seeds of the next.

Be thoughtful of how you can nourish others.

In this season when nature gives her bounty, we also rejoice in giving, with attention to the special needs of others. You need not wait until you can give a "great gift." A word, a courtesy, a thoughtfulness - given today - is a great gift.

Be conscious of the harvest of your life.

Think about yourself, your relationships, and your work. What parts of your life are bearing fruit? Where is the harvest rich? Where do you find it stunted?

Consider what you need to do to make ready for the letting go of autumn.

Holding your harvest in mind, ask what is overgrown or unneeded. What distracts you from your dearest concerns? What might you wish to simplify in yourself or in your life?

/ writing curtesy of one my of my teachers Neil Gumenick/

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