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Meet Aja /I-ya/

Welcome to my website. My name is Aja Ngo. I am a second-generation acupuncturist, native to the Czech Republic. I studied and trained in Acupuncture and Oriental Bodywork in the US, China and Vietnam. I opened my first practice in 1996 and continue to love the work I do. I am happy to meet and work with those who walk through my door.  

My Specializations

Five-Element Acupuncture

Grief and Loss Therapy

Hospice Care + House Calls


Recovery from Addiction

Motor Vehicle Accident Treatment

Cancer Care Support

Treatment of Acute/Chronic Pain

What Patients Say

Aja and I have been colleagues for years now, and I have found her to be an amazing acupuncturist and Shiatsu massage practitioner. She has extensive knowledge of acupuncture and Eastern medicine, focusing on the unique field of Five Element acupuncture, which is highly specialized and rare. Her sessions are extremely calming and healing and bring a deep sense of rejuvenation and relief for symptoms ranging from physical ailments to emotional and psychological concerns. Her Shiatsu treatments are incredibly relaxing and leave me feeling rested and restored. I highly recommend her services, not only as a fellow healthcare practitioner but also as a patient.


Seth A.

"Duty makes us do things well, but love makes us do them beautifully." ~Zig Ziglar

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