Traditional acupuncture, also known as Five Element Acupuncture, is one of the acupuncture m2015-05-17 14.41.01odalities practiced throughout the Unites States, Europe and Asia. It is distinguished from other approaches by the method of diagnosis, as well as the use of fewer needles and a gentler touch.

Five Element Acupuncture is based on the Chinese concept that we are a part of nature and its elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. These elements are a part of everything that is happening within our body, mind and spirit. As an agricultural society deeply affected by the seasons and cycles of sowing and harvest, it was logical for the Chinese to describe how the seasons and elements reflect change w2015-05-20 10.39.42ithin us. The Five Elements are crucial in describing the changes where the elements either work together or conflict with each other. When the elements work against each other, energy or “chi” becomes blocked, or obstructed, and a person becomes sick, diseased, or injured.

Acupuncture stimulates the rivers of energy within our bodies to return to a balanced flow. A large part of the acupuncture treatment is the discussion between patient and practitioner of how to create everyday practices that will benefit one’s life and healing process.2015-05-20 10.40.55

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