Support in Recovery FAQ

What are the benefits of having an acupuncture treatment while going through recovery?

Acupuncture can be a great addition to your recovery process. Either as a way to better manage the withdrawal symptoms or during the second phase of recovery when you are rebuilding your sense of self.

What are the benefits of 5 element acupuncture and how are they different than any other acupuncture treatment?

Five Element acupuncture often focus on emotional health in addition to physical health.  This is because 5 Element acupuncturists tend to have more training focused on emotional health and well-being.   

Regular acupuncture treatments during recovery can improve sleep quality, help manage anxiety, improve focus and appetite, and provide the support necessary to reduce feelings of  being overwhelmed and  or anger. 

What are the benefits of shiatsu and how can it help during the recovery process?

Very few recovery treatments focus on body awareness. Most treatment are based on variants of talk therapy.  Shiatsu is a very safe form of nurturing and relaxing touch, because the client remains fully clothed.   Often clients experience a deep, restorative sense of a well being after a shiatsu treatment.

Why should someone in recovery chose you and their acupuncturist?

I have personal experience with addiction that gave me 2 important gifts. The first is my ability to understand the recovery process through the lens of experience. The second is compassion for the person in recovery. This means I can be truly present during the recovery process. 

I have several years of professional experience working with a drug addiction program in a men’s detention center in Baltimore, MD.  I have also worked with drug addicts and AIDS patients in an inner-city clinic. 

Do you work in collaboration with other therapists and health care providers?

Yes. With your permission, I am happy to engage your other physical and mental health care providers in developing and managing your treatment strategy. I also cross refer  with doctors, naturopathic physicians, chiropractors, counselors and physical therapists. 

How do people find out about you?

Mainly word-of-mouth and through my website.