Support in Recovery

It often surprises me when patients in recovery tell me that they had no idea that acupuncture can be beneficial in the recovery process.  I understand how addiction is a “friend” for life.  Acupuncture and shiatsu can help restore balance and help you find your way to something more meaningful, thereby supplementing your recovery toolbox. 

I have treated individuals in recovery from addiction to both prescription and recreational drugs, alcohol, nicotine, food and sex.  My patients have been through counseling or addiction programs, going to meetings and talking to sponsors and counselors.  There are also the few of you who try to do it all once.

I offer both Japanese body work (non-sexual nurturing touch where the client remains fully dressed) and 5 Element Acupuncture. My treatments help restore balance to the body and mind through the parasympathetic nervous system.  Treatments stimulate all 5 senses through sound, touch and the taste and aroma of tea; all in a beautifully designed clinic that stimulates your vision with colors that are both beautiful and restorative.   My treatments also include counseling on personal practices to help change conditioning and habits. 

Most importantly, I love what I do.  My patients tell me that my passion for healing comes through in my treatments. 

I do my best to accommodate my patients’ scheduling needs with hours before and after the business day.  My clinic is easily accessible and offers free parking.