Grief and Loss

In my practice I offer a non—chemical approach to dealing with grief and loss. When my child died, I lost the ability to sleep at night for fear of losing another child. Everyday life seemed overwhelming. While ultimately time is the best healer, I found that acupuncture helped me cope with the day–to–day realities of life after a loss. Acupuncture cannot “fix” the problem or get rid of the emotional pain, but it can help you develop the resources and tools for dealing with it day to day.

Grief and Loss Treatment

Acupuncture We use a series of acupuncture points that deal directly with the emotions and the ability to let go. Since each person has a different grieving process, we’ll use points that are specific to you. We start with an intensive treatment—once a week. The treatment is designed to address how the grief shows up for you, whether it is not sleeping, avoiding socializing, not eating, etc. We focus on the process of “coming back to life.”

Essential OilsIn my practice I use a blend of essential oils that is unique to each person. I pay attention to your personal makeup, the Chinese diagnosis of your presenting symptoms, as well as the specific properties of the oils themselves, to make a blend that will serve you. We use the oils in different ways, depending on the need: directly on the acupuncture points, in compresses, in a diffuser, or in a soaking bath at home. The oils are always taken externally and only for a limited period of time.

Materials and ResourcesIf books and materials are of help to you, I have a range of resources available. I also encourage you to seek additional resources available in the area: bereavement counseling, groups, retreats, etc.

Life Practices We’ll learn to identify where in your body the pain shows up and how to work with it. We’ll learn how to grieve in a society that doesn’t have time for grief, doesn’t honor it and the wisdom that can come from it. We’ll discover how to talk about the loss with people, how to teach others how to respond and let them know what is helpful and what is not. We’ll learn how to allow ourselves time to grieve in a way that is healing and transformative. And most of all, you’ve got someone who will listen to you and create a safe, healing space in which to grieve. I know what it’s like and I know you can get through it.

Signs of Success

As you move through the treatment, you’ll find that you are able to rest better. You’ll have more energy. You’ll develop the tools to live with grief and loss on an everyday basis. You’ll be able to identify the pain as you feel it in your body and decide whether, at this moment, you need to just be with it and honor it, or whether you need to take a breath, shift it and step through it. You’ll be able to determine what serves you best at any given moment.