Cancer Support

When you are dealing with cancer treatments such as radiation and/or chemotherapy, the side effects can be severe—swelling, nausea, insomnia, hives, a “stinging” sensation, extreme fatigue and tissue damage, just to name a few. Fortunately, acupuncture can help alleviate some of the misery. I can work with you before or after a radiation or chemotherapy treatment to minimize the side effects.

Cancer Support Treatment

Acupuncture We use a series of acupuncture points that deal with the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Each treatment is designed especially for you and is based on your personal constitution, type of cancer, and the types of medical treatments you have already received (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, etc.).

Essential OilsIn my practice I use a blend of essential oils that is unique to each person. I pay attention to your personal makeup, the Chinese diagnosis of your presenting symptoms, as well as the specific properties of the oils themselves, to make a blend that will serve you. We use the oils in different ways, depending on the need: directly on the acupuncture points, in compresses, in a diffuser, or in a soaking bath at home. The oils are always taken externally and only for a limited period of time.

Life Practices A vital part of the treatment is the everyday practices that you engage in between acupuncture sessions. These practices enhance the process of healing and include such things as:

  • nutrition—changes in diet to meet your needs during radiation/chemotherapy
    treatments. For instance, some types of foods can promote cancer dormancy
    (e.g. root vegetables, baked potatoes, celery, etc.).
  • hydrotherapy—along the European tradition:
    • temperature changes while bathing or showering
    • use of various salts or oils
    • brushing techniques
    • compresses
  • breathing—simple exercises that help you breathe more deeply, bringing more oxygen into the body and help you relax.

Signs of Success

One of the most important components in healing is the feeling that you are well cared for and that everyone on your team, no matter what part of health care they come from, is doing all they can to help you. As you feel the side effects of the radiation/chemotherapy treatments diminish, you’ll be able to receive those treatments much better and they will be more effective.