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Navigating through the Insurance benefits

Having an insurance benefits is very helpful . However navigating through what  you need to know can be very challenging and costly



Here is the list of how to talk to you patient benefits person:


    Is Acupuncture treatment covered now, or is there an effective date of coverage? _______________________________
    Is Acupuncture treatment covered for all medical conditions, or are there limitations?
    What do I pay for Out of Network? _______________________
    Do I have a deductible? _________ What is it? _____________
    Has it been met? __________What is my Co-pay? ___________
    How many visits are covered, or what is the maximum dollar amount per year? __________
    How many/much have I used to date? _____________________
    Is there an pre-authorization number that I should reference when submitting bills or if I need to call back?_____________________
    What is the calendar year for my plan? ________________ (your coverage may change when the new year begins, and you may need to ask these questions again).