photoAja Ngo is a licensed acupuncturist practicing Five Element Acupuncture in the Sylvan area of Portland, Oregon.

She focuses on both acute and chronic pain relief. Aja also works on spiritual and emotional pain with people who are suffering from grief and loss. Using Chinese medicine, Aja provides palliative assistance for patients undergoing cancer or other difficult treatments, as well as end-of-life support.

She is a teacher and practitioner of shiatsu, a form of Japanese acupressure.

Born and raised in the Czech republic, she came to the US over 15 years ago. She was certified as a Diplomate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2001, the highest professional standard in the field. Aja has studied around the world, first at Tai-Sophia Institute in Maryland, the oldest accredited acupuncture school in the country, then at the China Academy of Traditional Chinese medicine, Beijing, where she also studied Chinese massage. While in Bien -Hoa , Vietnam, she studied electrical acupuncture in a Catholic Monastery. Aja’s work is well respected by her peers practicing western medicine. She is the first acupuncturist invited to join a Health Bridges International medical team serving the slums of Peru.

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